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What's Been Happening



Police Patrol Allocation and Deployment by Eric J. Fritsch, associate professor of criminal justice; John Liederbach, Bowling Green State University; and Robert W. Taylor, professor of criminal justice (Prentice Hall).

The authors provide a historical assessment of patrol allocation and deployment and cover central issues in the day-to-day management of police agencies and personnel. Topics include modern tactical deployment approaches and the evolution of operational deployment strategies.

Parenting the Custodial Grandchild: Implications for Clinical Practice book coverParenting the Custodial Grandchild: Implications for Clinical Practice, edited by Bert Hayslip Jr., Regents Professor of psychology, and Patricia Kaminski, associate professor of psychology (Springer Publishing).

This book explores the issues involved when grandparents resume the parenting role in middle and later life to raise their grandchildren. Coverage includes the adjustments custodial grandchildren must make in the school system, viewed from the perspective of school personnel; the perceptions of adult children raised by their grandparents; and the role of the adult parent in the context of grandparents raising grandchildren. Other contributors include UNT psychologists and faculty Rebecca J. Glover, John Hipple, Jennifer King (’00, ’03 M.S., ’06 Ph.D.) and Amy R. Murrell and alumni Jane Jooste (’07 Ph.D.) and Heather L. Servaty (’95 M.S., ’97 Ph.D.).

See Sam Run book coverSee Sam Run: A Mother’s Story of Autism by Peggy Heinkel-Wolfe (’83, ’02 M.J.) of Argyle (UNT Press). Heinkel-Wolfe’s work — detailing how parenthood became a struggle to understand her autistic son, Sam, and herself — won the manuscript competition and a contract with the UNT Press at the first UNT Mayborn Literary Nonfiction Writers Conference of the Southwest. The book follows the frustration Heinkel-Wolfe and her late husband, Mark (’80, ’85 M.M.), experienced as their son became uncommunicative and unmanageable and their journey to helping Sam reach his fullest potential.

Twilight of the Texas Democrats book coverTwilight of the Texas Democrats by Ken Bridges ('93 TAMS, ’98 M.A., ’03 Ph.D.) of El Dorado, Ark. (Texas A&M Press). The book is a study of the 1978 Texas gubernatorial election between then-Attorney General John Hill and businessman Bill Clements, which resulted in the first Republican elected governor in the state since Reconstruction. Bridges draws on polling data, newspaper reports, archival sources and interviews to explore the significance of the election and analyze factors such as Clements’ superior polling techniques and unprecedented spending, disaffection among Mexican American voters and changing state demographics. This is the second book by Bridges, assistant professor of history at South Arkansas Community College.

Little Lions, Bull Baiters and Hunting Hounds book coverLittle Lions, Bull Baiters and Hunting Hounds: A History of Dog Breeds by Jeff Crosby ('94) and Shelley Ann Jackson (’94) of New York, N.Y. (Tundra Books). The couple’s first collaborative children’s picture book examines the dog groups that have developed as humans selectively bred them for hunting, herding, working and companionship. Illustrations, maps and information explain the origins and characteristics of typical breeds within each group. The authors met at UNT and graduated from the M.F.A. illustration program at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. They live in Manhattan with their daughter, Harper, dachshund, Baron, and shih tzu, Millie.

4 Dimensional Health book cover4 Dimensional Health: Natural Health Strategies to Shift Your Living to a Higher Dimension by Admerle Hall Hoskins ('76) of Dallas. Hoskins, who earned her D.O. from the UNT Health Science Center at Fort Worth in 1984, is an advocate for preventive health care and has done extensive research on chronic disease prevention. The book provides natural steps individuals can take to improve their health, such as cleansing the body, soul and spirit from toxins; moving the body to promote health; and correcting individual nutritional deficiencies. Hoskins has maintained active practices in urgent care and occupational medicine, lectures to local groups and serves on the board of the charitable ministry Thou Art My Sister.

Mazes Around the World book coverMazes Around the World by Mary D. Balthrop Lankford ('52) of Austin (Collins). This made-for-children book details strange and intriguing mazes around the world. Lankford includes the mythology, history and folklore surrounding some of the world’s most infamous labyrinths. The book covers many varieties of mazes, from stone to hedge to turf, and features the legends surrounding some of the most famous labyrinths. Lankford, former director of library services for the Texas Education Agency, travels across the country conducting workshops on libraries and children’s literature.

Jerry Bywaters, Lone Star Printmaker book coverJerry Bywaters, Lone Star Printmaker: A Study of His Print Notebook with a Catalogue of His Prints and a Checklist of His Illustrations and Ephemeral Works by Ellen Buie Niewyk (’76) of Dallas (Southern Methodist University Press). Niewyk’s study represents the first comprehensive overview of Jerry Bywaters’ prints and printmaking career. Niewyk examines notebooks Bywaters kept about his printmaking activity from 1935 to 1948 and chronicles his production of prints and his promotion of printmaking as an important art form. The book won the annual Center for the Advancement and Study of Early Texas Art Publication Award, which recognizes the original work that made the most important contribution to the published literature on early Texas art. Niewyk is curator of the Bywaters Special Collections at SMU’s Hamon Arts Library and an accomplished exhibiting metalsmith.

The Battle of Yellow House Canyon, March 18, 1877: Buffalo Hunters and Bad Guys by Robert L. Carr, Yvonne Spence Perkins and Judy Colwell Womack (’60, ’63 M.A.) of Lubbock. The writers reconstruct a 10-hour fight between buffalo hunters and Native Americans (Comanches, Apaches and perhaps Mescaleros) near present-day Lubbock in 1877. In researching the later lives of the buffalo hunters, they discovered civic leaders as well as “bad guys.” Womack retired after 30 years of teaching in Texas and now writes about genealogy and local history.

Other Media

Unveiled cd coverUnveiled by the Greg Duncan Quintet, including Greg Duncan (’01 M.M.) on trumpet and Jon Deitemyer (’04) on drums (OA2 Records). The debut CD of Duncan and his contemporary jazz quintet from Chicago has been played by radio stations throughout the country and received praise from Chicago Jazz Magazine, which says the disc “grooves, swings, bops and just plain rocks out.” Duncan previously was a featured composer/arranger and soloist with the Glenn Miller Orchestra.


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