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President Gretchen M. Bataille speaking at the 2008 Alumni Awards Dinner

Alumni awards

Twelve individuals and an organization were honored April 18 at the annual Alumni Awards Dinner on campus. Read about the 2008 award winners, and plan to submit your nominations for the 2009 UNT Alumni Awards by Aug. 1. Awardees and their nominators will be notified in November, and the awards will be presented at the 2009 Alumni Awards Dinner April 17, 2009.



Santa Fe art tour 

Alumni and friends of UNT gathered in Santa Fe for a weekend in May that featured tours of 14 galleries with connections to the university. The "Weaving Threads of Green: UNT in Santa Fe" event celebrated the university's legacy of artistic excellence while connecting people who share an interest in fine art.

During a reception with President Gretchen M. Bataille and celebrated sculptor Jesús Moroles ('78) and artist Bill Worrell ('74 M.F.A.), Grammy Award-winning brothers Aaron and Greg White jammed with former Doors drummer John Densmore. Aaron, a flute-maker grounded in Navajo and Ute tradition, presented Bataille with his hand-carved wooden flute depicting an eagle with a turquoise eye.

Guests included alumni Tony Altermann ('65, '68 M.S.) and Linda Altermann, owners of the prestigious Altermann Gallery, as well as sculptor Rebecca Tobey, whose three children are UNT alumni, and Donna Howell-Sickles, artist and National Cowgirl Hall of Fame member, and her husband, John.

Museum of Indian Arts & Culture in Santa Fe

Sculptor Jesús Moroles ('78)

Aaron White with President Gretchen M. Bataille

Artist Bill Worrell ('74 M.F.A.)

From left, Greg White, John Densmore and Aaron White

Photos by Jay Rodman



North Texas Exes News

NT Exes logo

Join the network… the UNT Alumni Network

The North Texas Exes Alumni Association is excited to offer the UNT Alumni Network, its new online networking tool at that helps North Texans stay personally and professionally connected.

All members of this new online network are alumni and friends of the university who have been invited to join this private community, making it easy to find the people you need through people you already know.

This network helps you find classmates, identify alumni who share your hobbies, establish new business contacts, and more. Once you register for the network, you can join regional, shared interest, industry and other groups, making it much easier to reconnect with other UNT alumni and friends.

Connect today through the UNT Alumni Network at For information about becoming a member of the North Texas Exes, visit or call (940) 565-2834. And don't forget to keep up with upcoming events by visiting their online calendar.


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