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Behind the camera by Nancy Kolsti
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Danny Greer biography

Though he chose communications and media studies as his major for his bachelor's degree, Danny Greer thought he would be going to law school after he graduated from Austin College in Sherman.

But after a semester in Washington, D.C., he swapped his law school applications for an application to UNT's program in documentary film. Greer was an intern for Ventana Productions, which produced a Discovery Channel series.

"Although there's not as much certainty for employment in a documentary career as there is in a law career, I decided that documentary was ultimately what I wanted to do," he says.

Greer, who attended high school in Carrollton, went straight into the M.F.A. program after completing his bachelor's degree. His first film, Ghost Town, chronicles the ghost stories that surround the East Texas town of Jefferson and includes interviews with town residents and footage Greer shot while investigating reportedly haunted sites.

"Jefferson was a big port in the 1800s for steamships. Today, it's dubbed the most haunted small town in Texas," he says.

He is currently directing a documentary about a curling club in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, scheduling filming around working at a Dallas advertising agency three days a week and working as a teaching assistant twice a week.

Greer says he found out about the curling club after finding a member's blog on the Internet, and his girlfriend told him about Jefferson's ghosts.

He says working on the crews of other students' films this past year taught him about teamwork.

"Eight of us were learning how to use the cameras and the lights. Creating a film was almost like creating a painting, since each of us had a different style that we brought to the crew," he says. "It's good for me to see different perspectives."

Greer says he has "big plans" after he receives his M.F.A. degree next year.

"I want to go into TV production and produce something, possibly for the Discovery Channel. Later on, I want to teach," he says.



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