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Rosebud's 100th

Blondell details

Down the Corridor

    Down the Corridor  

100 years ago

North Texas made the largest donation of any entity in Denton to the Bellevue School of Denton County, swept away by a storm that occurred earlier in the summer. … A major topic of debate on campus was child labor and the approximately 2 million children working in American factories. … The Normal Journal announced that a fence would be placed around North Texas. … A kindergarten was opened in the old Normal Building, part of a collaboration between North Texas and the Denton Kindergarten Association.


75 years ago

Monday and Thursday evenings were designated for playing silent picture shows at the outdoor theater. The movies were free for students with activity tickets and cost 10 cents for former students, landladies and friends of the college. … A new T.I.A.A. rule required that freshman students could no longer play varsity football and that colleges, including North Texas, had to inaugurate a freshman team of players beginning in the fall of 1932. … Radio Medley and R.K.O. Pictures star Tex Lloyd performed at North Texas, singing two songs. A newspaper article reported that he could play “almost any musical instrument.” …  An 80-million-year-old fossilized sea lizard, a mosasaur, discovered near Aubrey in Denton County, was unearthed by three biology professors and displayed in the biology department.


50 years ago

Silvio Scionti, professor of music, received the decoration of the Order of the Star of the Italian Solidarity from the Italian government as a distinguished person born in Italy and living in another country. … Students in the civil defense class toured the Wynnewood Sector filter center and radar site in Dallas. … Harriss Gym, built in 1923 as a temporary structure and used for 33 years, was declared a fire hazard and leveled to make parking space for the opening of the new administration building. Administrators began the move into the new building at the end of the summer term. … During summer vacation, two physics professors worked in nuclear science: James Jones Jr. researched nuclear hyper-fragments, and Pat M. Windham did research using a new 2-million-volt atom-smashing Van de Graaf machine.


25 years ago

President Frank Vandiver was invited to China by the Chinese Ministry of Education with 19 other American educators, making contacts in Asia for North Texas. … Fort Worth freshman track star Donna Thomas jumped into the record books when she landed 20 feet, 9 3/4 inches, as the 1981 national long jump champion at the International Athletics for Women National Track and Field Championship in Austin. … About 500 students enjoyed Shock Treatment when they attended the North Texas premiere of the Rocky Horror Picture Show “equal, not sequel.” It was set in Denton (“I just picked the name out of the air,” its director told the North Texas Daily). … The retirement limit for teaching and non-teaching staff was raised from 65 to 70 for most employees.


10 years ago

Construction began on the Eagle Student Services Center. … On a summer tour of the Far East, the One O’Clock Lab Band performed 14 concerts in 14 Japanese cities and led three days of master classes at Hong Kong Baptist University. The 21-day trip included concerts in Tokyo, Osaka and Hiroshima. … UNT sports teams prepared for their first year of competition in the Big West Conference after returning to Division I-A the previous year.



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