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Eagle Ambassadors : Dynamic group makes prospective students welcome. Story by Michelle McCallum
Summer 2005      

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Questions From Campus Tour Groups With Answers From Eagle Ambassadors

Common questions

  • What's the best residence hall to live in?
    Each of the residence halls has its own personality. Really, it depends on the student's preference because there's a choice between community-style baths and suite-type baths, and there are residence halls developed for two students to room together or three students to room together. We now even offer individual suite-style rooms. Also, many students choose their residence hall by its proximity to their major buildings.

  • What percentage of the students commute to classes?
    85 percent
  • Do freshmen have to live on campus?
    Yes, with some exceptions (for instance, if you are married, if you have prior military service or if your parents live in Denton County).
  • Can freshmen bring their cars to campus?
    Yes, as long as they purchase a parking sticker. The choices of permits include residential parking, premier parking or general parking. The permits differ in price.
  • Is there a curfew in the residence halls?
    No. However, the front doors of each residence hall lock at 10 p.m. each night. Only the residents who live within a specific hall can access the front door with their student ID.
  • The No. 1 most frequently asked question on the tour: Is this your room? (This is in reference to the residence hall room at Crumley Hall that's shown on tours.)
    No, this is a tour room that we have decorated to show to prospective students.


Random questions

  • What is the maximum occupancy of the Student Recreation Center?
    The rec center is a 140,000-square-foot building. It would never be filled to capacity, but they estimate one person for every one or two square feet. Its total cost is $31.5 million!
  • What species of Eagle is your statue (outside the Administration Building)?
    It's a Golden Eagle.  
  • Can the albino squirrel have babies?
    No, the albino squirrel is a male.
  • Is the meat in the cafeterias lean or is there a lot of fat in it?
    Our residence hall cafeterias offer lean meat. But there are options at each dining hall for students' preferences.  
  • Are there really police on campus?
    Yes. We have an independent police department that functions side-by-side with the Denton Police Department. The UNT Police Department has jurisdiction throughout Denton County, as well as Dallas County and Tarrant County.
  • Can I dive into the fountain?
    Nope. But it's very pretty to look at!


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