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Debate begins

Down the Corridor

    Down the Corridor  

100 years ago

A Santa Fe Railroad representative visited campus to determine the need for a railroad line extension. … The commencement program included three all-female Shakespeare performances -- the balcony scene of Romeo and Juliet, the forest scene of As You Like It and Midsummer Night's Dream -- The Farce.


75 years ago

The birth of Charles Lindbergh Jr. generated a buzz on the North Texas campus. … A student harmonica band, composed of 40 members, was organized. … The administration decided three picture shows would be presented weekly throughout summer 1930 at North Texas' outdoor stadium. … The teacher placement services department dedicated an issue of the Campus Chat to listing more than 4,000 graduates, their teaching fields and the towns where they worked.


50 years ago

A tuberculosis consultant addressed a health education workshop on campus. … Twenty-nine geography students on an East Texas field trip walked three miles through the Grand Saline salt mines and rode an elevator into a 700-foot-deep mine owned by Lone Star Steel Co. … The sixth annual "Old Maid's Day" on campus encouraged single and searching males to propose to campus "spinsters." … A physics professor and graduate student conducted experiments on objects of various shapes with a radar microwave on campus.


25 years ago

As temperatures reached record highs throughout North Texas, apartment managers near campus warned away trespassers looking for a break from the heat at their pools. … Funding was approved for a new president's house; the first tenant was to be Frank Vandiver. … PM Magazine was on campus to film a documentary about a 68-year-old doctoral student, Floyd Shafer, who biked 500-plus miles back to his 50th high school reunion in Kansas City, Kan. … Shuttle bus service to nearby student apartments began through Transportation Enterprises Co.




10 years ago


UNT regents formed a "Blue Ribbon" committee to examine race issues on campus. … The issue of burning the American flag was debated on campus, as a national law to ban the act was being proposed. … The Campus Theatre on Hickory Street underwent a renovation after being empty for a decade; it would soon house plays rather than motion pictures.

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