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Greek life by Rufus Coleman
Summer 2004      

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Other Delta Sigma Thetas

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History of integration

Opening doors

Transforming history

Making college home

Greek life

A team united

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Remembering the early days


Other Delta Sigma Thetas

Gloria Frazier Evans ('70, '71 M.Ed.) was vice president of the Delta Sigma Theta chapter in 1969-70. She was the first African American member of the Panhellenic Council, which included representatives from all North Texas sororities.

She says the charter members of Delta Sigma Theta did face some barriers in starting their sorority's Zeta Eta chapter on campus, but once it was established, the group became part of the campus.

"We were the first black group to have a Homecoming float. We had a Homecoming queen candidate. And we were very much a part of the total sorority life on campus," she says. "We also took the last space in the Ramps (Chilton Hall, where sororities were housed at the time)."

Evans says Delta Sigma Theta members knew they were doing something historic by establishing the first black sorority at North Texas.

"During the 1960s, there were a lot of ‘firsts' going on at North Texas for black students," she says. "We knew that Zeta Eta would be the catalyst for all other black sororities and black fraternities that followed."

Alva Wright McCoy, who attended North Texas from 1966 to 1970, was the only married charter member of Delta Sigma Theta. She says since she didn't live in a residence hall, members often came to her house, where she would cook for them.

"There were only a handful of black students at North Texas," she says, "and most of us knew each other. We had a real sense of community, and we knew that we would set an example for the other black students who would follow us."

Her favorite memory of Delta Sigma Theta is simply being with her sorority sisters: "I loved our gatherings at Chilton Hall. We established a sisterhood just by being together."



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