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North Texas Desegregation Timeline
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Down the Corridor



Essentially we asked, "Here it is 1995 with some 700 faculty and you only have 12 to 15 black people teaching. Why is this?" … Integration, in my opinion, is a physical right, to be able to drink out of the same water fountain, sit in the same area as other people. You've got these rights. But I think what we experienced more was the internal segregation, when you get these nasty looks, when you get bumped in the hallway, when people say things. … Although we did feel the external trauma, it was more internal because we were let in and we tried to figure out, not necessarily why we're here, but more like, where are the rest of us?
— Artist Thornton ('93, '98 M.A., '03 Ph.D.)

Herman Totten

Herman Totten

1991 — The university names Herman Totten its first African American Regents Professor.

1994 — The UNT Foundation names its first African American board member, Phyllis Patterson ('76). Matt Simon, the first African American head football coach, takes over the team.

1998 — Thomas King ('65) becomes the founding president of the Trailblazers, North Texas' first African American alumni association.

1999 — The Alumni Association names its first African American president, Marjorie Bowens Craft ('68).

Marjorie Bowens Craft

Marjorie Bowens Craft

I was one of the first freshmen in the dorm. I was being so closely scrutinized and watched, that was an extra burden that I had to carry. I knew that my actions would determine some of the benefits and opportunities that those who were going to come behind me would have to live with.
— UNT System Regent Marjorie Bowens Craft

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