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North Texas Desegregation Timeline
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Down the Corridor



There were afros, afro picks, platform shoes and everything else on campus — and we could be seen on the "Cuts," the wall in front of the Union Building where African American students would line themselves up between classes. If there were 100 African American students on campus, I assure you 99 of them would gather sometime during the day on the Cuts. Our actions communicated something to the masses in general.
— Dennis Stephens ('72 '76 M.S.)

1973 — Rosalind Johnson ('75) is voted North Texas' first African American Homecoming Queen.

Rosalind Johnson

Rosalind Johnson

By the night of the bonfire, I had lost my voice from campaigning. After the announcement, everyone who had helped with my campaign was happy, but almost too exhausted to celebrate. Most of all I remember August '75 (graduation day).
— Rosalind Johnson

Quincy Ollison

Quincy Ollison

1974 — Quincy Ollison ('74) becomes the first African American president of the Student Government Association.

1977 — Herman Totten is named the university's first African American academic associate dean.

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