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Down the Corridor


    Down the Corridor  

75 years ago
Separate swimming sessions for male and female students were conducted at the recreation park pool. … President R.L. Marquis gave a speech to students about his six-week visit to Austin, where the Legislature discussed educational financing. … The Girls Forum, a campus organization, sponsored and assigned Little Sisters (incoming students) to Big Sisters (upperclass students). … A "World Unity" pageant in August signaled the end of a summer program by North Texas and the Fred Douglass School to hold a "play class" for 22 African American children.

50 years ago
Students took up a collection, totaling $150, for a water cooler for the shorthand/typing classroom. … Enrollment reached 2,064 students for the summer, a 17 percent increase over the summer before. Students included the first African American to attend North Texas , principal A. Tennyson Miller, who enrolled to work on his doctorate. … A microfilm reader was added to the library's growing list of equipment. … IBM installed three machines to handle registration cards and tally grade averages. … A geography class took a 23-day, 4,000-mile field trip to the East Coast. … Robert B. Toulouse was appointed the new graduate school dean after six years of service to North Texas.

25 years ago
A computerized car pool service became available for commuter students during the second summer semester. … The university began modifying residence hall rooms for students with disabilities, to comply with federal regulations. … Susan B. Anthony coins posed problems for bookstore cashiers, who found them hard to distinguish from quarters. … The library tightened its rules for faculty who failed to return books — paychecks were withheld for a violation. … North Texas added a $130,000 TI 990 minicomputer to the Business Administration Building. A computer advisory board was proposed to make decisions regarding the increased technology and its problems and benefits.

10 years ago
Two UNT faculty committees announced the merging of the university's Honors Program and Classic Leaning Core. … North Texas erected 40 new street signs on campus to designate the campus's boundaries for drivers. … The UNT observatory offered a view of the Levy Comet's collision with Jupiter. … A food court was proposed for the university. … A new "Eagle in attack mode" was placed on the helmets of football team players. … UNT residence halls joined the campus recycling program.





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