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Swapping Places
Maple Hall
West Hall
Bruce Hall
College Inn


What's Been Happening



The concept of the TLC show Trading Spaces — in which two pairs of neighbors trade houses for two days and redecorate a room with the aid of a designer, carpenter and $1,000 budget — was brought to four UNT residence halls this spring. After the housing office approved $4,000 for UNT's version of the show — Swapping Places — the "Red Room" in Bruce Hall and kitchenettes in Maple Hall, West Hall and College Inn were chosen for the "swap." Participants included two residents from each of the selected halls to do the work, four design students chosen based on their sketches for the renovation of each room, and two housing maintenance employees who served as carpenters. Resident assistants Stephanie Kinnaird and Jennifer Ramsey of Maple Hall and Nicole Williams ('03) of Crumley Hall coordinated the event.

After the swap between Maple Hall and West Hall the first weekend of April (filmed by NTTV to be broadcast this summer), Maple Hall's kitchenette was transformed into a 1950s-style diner, complete with black-and-white checked floor, red walls, diner stools and '50s memorabilia. West Hall's kitchenette emerged as a blue and chrome kitchen and entertainment area, with stainless steel work tables, beanbag chairs and television set.

Maple Hall

Before the renovation
(Photo by Mike Woodruff)

Maple Hall kitchennette

During the renovation
(Photos by Angilee Wilkerson)

people moving furniture

people using tools


From left, worker Mandalynn Chase, designer Ken Tilley and worker Temple Ann Latimer

After the renovation
(Photo by Ida Castillo)

Maple Hall after

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