Monster grabs the ambassador and yells, "Ha!  The tables have turned champion!  The risks have increased in a way that I'm sure your feeble underdeveloped mind cannot comprehend!" Monster continues to say, " I've been on this planet for years studying your superhero kind.  Observing all of your tactics and stratagems. "  Madd Skillz says, "Strata What?" Monster points his fingers and says,"I have learned many ways to crush the most powerful of your heroes!  And there you stand, mocking me with your presence!  I'm ashamed that I let this battle go on for as long as it has!" Madd Skillz smiles and looks to the side where there is a huge lightpole. Upclose of monster screaming, "You're just a child!" A big "Klank!" and the lightpole crushes the monster on the head. Madd Skillz is on the other end of the lightpole, holding it, saying, "I'm the Champ!" Madd Skillz brushes off her hands while the monster is defeated in the background.  She says, "Dang!  He sure talked a lot.  Daddy was right!"  A microphone is near her face and the reporter says, "Rufus Coleman of The North Texas.  Maddy, do you have anything to say about what just happened?" Madd Skillz points her finger at you and says, "Yeah!  Stay awake in class!" End.