"The North Texas Adventure" Plot:  Michael Lagocki Story and Art: Khalid Robertson Eagle Ambassador giving a tour saying, "...and here is Willis Library where you'll undoubtedly be spending a good chunk of your time while on campus. Close up of ambassador saying, "Hopefully though, you'll find enough time to participate in the university's other...activities...? Little Madd Skillz flies through with monster saying, " Mama said there'd be days like this.  Hey!  I gotta pay for that!"  Monster yells, "Raaarr!" Little Madd Skillz says, "Shoot!  I remember daddy even saying, 'Watch yo back!  Cuz now that you're Champ everyone's gonna want a piece'.  The monster says, "I don't know how you found me!  But I won't let you take me!" Little Madd Skillz points her finger and yells, "I don't know who this dork is.  Just anotha sucka mommy or daddy popped I guess.  See, I wasn't doin' nuthin just trying to make some extra credic!  But you had to go and charge it up just because yer stupid!" Little Madd Skillz reaches out her arm and grabs the monster's face saying, "Daddy always say, keep 'em talkin'.  Don't know why, but daddy says that's what keeps things from getting...worse...Monster yells, "Oh shnap!" Continue to the next page