upclose of Emile sweating and scared thinking, "How'd she know I was...she found me!  Outta here!  This ain't cool!  Knew I should've dropped! picture of Madd Skillz giving the lecture saying, "So, no.  I do have to pay for all the stuff I break when I'm saving the planet.  Next question." Emile gets up and yells, "Champion!  I don't know how you found me!  But I'm not going down without a fight!".  He rips himself open and turns into a green horned monster.  People yell, "Egad!  Gross!" Little Madd Skillz cracks her knuckles and  sighs, "I never get a break." Emile monster screams, "Let's go!" Madd Skillz has her fist tight and Emile the monster is about to lunge out of the chair.  Let's get ready to rumble. Continued at "The North Texas Adventure" Part 2