Champion of Children's "The North Texas Adventure" Page 1

Story and pencils, Michael "Ghostape" Lagocki

Inks, letters and colors, Khalid "Bigsteelo" Robertson

Champion of Children picture of UNT Hurley  Administration building tower The North Texas adventure 10 am art lecture This is Little Madd Skillz, current Champion of Children, 5 year old protector of kids worldwide! Picture of guy in lecture sleeping.  This is Emile Whethers.  He is not what he seems! And he is sleeping through class!  Again.  He's not even in this class!  He slept through his 8 o'clock...straight through to the 10 o'clock.  Needless to say, it's about to get hectic! Picture of Emile waking up.  He sees Madd Skillz and his eyes start to bug out surprised.  He says, "Madd Skillz!" Continue to next page