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Fat in America by Rufus Coleman
Summer 2002      

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Healthy fast food

Frozen food nutrition

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Shape Up America!
(follow links across top for free information on nutrition and fitness)

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Fat in America

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Tips for making fast food healthier

  • artwork of hamburger and friesDon't let poor eating habits build a lopsided personal "food pyramid" lacking in one or more of the categories found on the American Food Guide Pyramid. Most frequently missing are fruits and vegetables, so supplement your daily fare with these important foods that don't necessarily come with "value meals" and quick-to-prepare frozen foods.

  • Yes, French fries count as a vegetable, but no one can live on French fries alone. Variety is crucial — even canned fruits and vegetables are better than none at all.

  • Condiments such as ketchup, mustard, picante sauce and salsa, within reason, add flavor and are low in calories. But avoid the dressings and spreads, like mayonnaise and "secret sauces."

  • Trade in your extra-large soft drink for an extra-large water. The benefits are great — fewer unnecessary calories and improved health.

  • Take heart, you don't have to give up soda altogether. But consider the humble 12-ounce diet drink and regard it as a treat (one or two drinks a day) rather than the norm.


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