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  What a Quack : Nurse Ducky heals with laughter and love  

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Nurse Ducky
Quackers gets a checkup from Nurse Ducky’s clown pals in China.

Ducking for cover

When Marcy Graves makes presentations about her adventures as Nurse Ducky, the respiratory therapist always makes certain to clarify that Ducky is a clown, not a registered nurse.

That's because her name already appears in the state's registry for acting as a nurse without a license.

"Apparently someone took offense to the name and filed a complaint," Graves says. "And when the state called to ask why I was acting as a nurse without being registered, and I explained that I'm a clown who dresses as a nurse with a duck puppet to spread joy and laughter, there was dead silence."

After a long, uncomfortable pause, the investigator replied, "I see. I'll have to officially log the complaint and impersonation, however. And I need to remind you that nursing is a serious profession."

Graves says she knows that, and she respects the nurses who work with her in the hospital.

By the way, when she goes on clown rounds with her red wagon of mirth aid, she passes out whistles to patients.

"I tell them that if the nurses aren't responding to the call button fast enough, they can just whistle for them," she says.

The nurses love her.

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