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Great Debate : North Texan teams excel at academic sport

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National Debate Tournament

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Debate by the numbers

In addition to earning invitations to the National Debate Tournament 18 of the last 19 years, North Texas teams have earned numerous honors at the tournament since its inception in 1947:

1948 First Place Keith Parks ('48) and David Cotten ('48)
1962 Fifth Place Anne Hodges ('62) and John Swaney ('63)
1986 Octafinalists Matt Caligur ('89, '91 M.S.) and Keith Woods ('88)
1997 Double Octafinalists Eli Holloway ('99) and Cody Morrow
1998 Octafinalists Eli Holloway and Cody Morrow
1999 Fifth Place Eli Holloway and Kenda Cunningham
(Holloway was named 10th-best speaker)
2000 Double Octafinalists Cody Morrow and John Hines
2001 Octafinalists Kenda Cunningham and John Hines

A great deal of UNT's success in college debate is attributable to the coaches who have served as director of debate and forensics:

William R. DeMougeot 1954-71 and 1979-81
Ben Chappell 1971-75
Don Brownlee 1975-79
John S. Gossett 1981-91
Mark B. DeLoach 1991-2000
Josh Hoe (interim) 2000-01


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