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research report


Grandparents Raising Grandchildren: Theoretical, Empirical and Clinical Perspectives, edited by Bert Hayslip Jr., Regents Professor of psychology, and Robin Goldberg-Glen, professor of social work at Widener University (Springer). The authors examine the growing phenomenon of grandparents who raise their grandchildren due to the death, divorce or incapacitation of their children. Chapters cover such topics as cross-cultural differences in custodial grandparenting, the management of physical or emotional difficulties in grandchildren and therapeutic efforts to help grandparents cope with parental responsibilities.

The Wichita Indians: Traders of Texas and the Southern Plains, 1540-1845 by F. Todd Smith, assistant professor of history (Texas A&M University Press). Smith presents a narrative of the Wichita tribes from their first contact with Europeans until 1845, when the United States annexed Texas. The book provides background on other tribes that shared their language and culture and united with them for survival. Smith also offers detailed descriptions of their battles, negotiations and trading practices, and of their struggles to adapt to changing circumstances.

France at the Dawn of the XXIst Century: Trends and Transformations

France at the Dawn of the XXIst Century: Trends and Transformations, edited by Marie-Christine Koop, associate professor of foreign languages and literatures (Summa Publishers). This volume of 19 original articles presents an overview of major cultural themes in contemporary France, including politics, social issues, French identity, multiculturalism, and French and American cultures.



A Century of Galveston Weather: People and the Elements on a Barrier Island by Stanley W. Blazyk (’66) of Galveston (Eakin Press). Blazyk details the impact of the weather on Galveston’s development over the past 100 years.

Inside the Nightmare by Carole Goodman Burg (’75) of Plano (iUniverse.com). An adventure/suspense story set in Texas, Burg’s first novel includes corrupt bankers, evil drug lords, undercover DEA agents and a secretary who knows too much.

Getting Yourself Together by Marilyn Gilbert Komechak (’75 Ph.D.) of Fort Worth (Waltsan Publishing). How can we be ourselves and also be at peace with others? A retired psychologist with 30 years of experience as a therapist, Komechak shares “lessons in living” in this self-help CD-book.

Food FAQs: Substitutions, Yields & Equivalents

Food FAQs: Substitutions, Yields & Equivalents by Linda Resnik (’77 M.A., ’80 M.B.A.) and Dee Brock (’50, ’56 M.A., ’85 Ph.D.) of Tyler (FAQs Press). This reference book answers cooks’ most frequently asked questions about how much to buy and prepare and what to use if an ingredient is not available.

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