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International Reach, UNT fosters global understanding, prepares next generation of world leaders by Ellen Rossetti


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Jon Gilliam, Nepal

Heather Lacy, India

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International Reach



Geography major Jon Gilliam on the winter course in Nepal and studying abroad

I really enjoyed the hike to Ghandruk in the Anapurna range. This was a day hike to a small village near Macchapucchare Mountain. Along the way it was fascinating to observe daily life in the small villages clinging to the sides of the mountains. We would interact with the children while they worked carrying firewood, herding goats, cows or buffalo, and hauling water. I thought to myself, 'This is a very tough existence,' yet every person we met smiled widely and seemed very happy.

I could read all the books I wanted about the geology and culture of Nepal, but actually visiting the country gave me a greater understanding of the incredible hospitality of the Nepalese people, and the difficult environment in which they live.

One of the greatest benefits of studying abroad has been the lasting friendships I have made with students and professors in the countries I have visited while studying overseas. The study abroad programs have given me the opportunity to expand my understanding of the world and of the importance of diversity in culture as well as nature.



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