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Myrlie Evers

Down the Corridor

    Down the Corridor  

100 years ago

News topics on campus included the Lakeview Public School fire in Collinwood, Ohio, which killed more than 160 teachers and students in March 1908, and the second airship expedition of American journalist and explorer Walter Wellman in search of the North Pole in April. … The North Texas Normal College Eel Club went to Highland Park, intending to capture eels but succeeding only in finding crayfish.


75 years ago

The Freshman All-College coronation was held in the Harriss Gymnasium. Cost of admission was 50 cents for "couples or stags," and the curfew was midnight. … "A Child's Dream of Far-A-Way Lands" was presented by the fourth graders of the North Texas Demonstration Lab School. … Denton police warned that cyclists who rode bicycles at night were required by state law to have a headlamp and a red rear reflector.


50 years ago

The crowning of the May Queen was interrupted by a thunderstorm and major rainfall as well as a blackout. … Chemistry professor R.B. Escue received a $2,000 federal grant to research the "rare cancer" melanoma. … Health and physical education majors took their 10th annual trip to Gainesville to study diabetes treatment.


25 years ago

Actor Adam Roarke and writer/producer Dean Marlow spoke to a film class about the "catch 22" of Hollywood — needing experience to be hired but not having a way to get experience without being hired. … The fourth annual Fry Street Fair welcomed some 3,000 visitors. … The popular movie for North Texas students was Return of the Jedi.


10 years ago

The first "UNT Day in Dallas" aimed to recruit more high school seniors from Dallas-area schools. … The Student Association passed a resolution to require recycling bins for plastic soda bottles on campus. … About 15,000 people attended the 1998 Fry Street Fair. … The new Environmental Education, Science and Technology Building opened its doors for an Earth Day celebration in April (the building opened formally in September).



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