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Room and board


Down the Corridor


For the Conduct of Students
of the North Texas State Normal
in Their Boarding Homes

For the purpose of defining the individual rights as well as duties of the students, for guarding against outside influences known to be detrimental to habits of study, for preserving order and proper decorum in the boarding homes, and thereby protecting the best interests of the students themselves, at the same time granting the largest amount of freedom compatible with the accomplishment of the purpose for which each student is here and for which this school is designed, the following regulations are made:

  1. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday of each week constitute school days. From 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. of each school day form recitation periods, while not less than two hours of each afternoon and from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. of each school day except Saturday are hours assigned to study. Monday will take the place of Saturday afternoon as to study hours.
  2. Each student in his or her own room, or in the library or laboratory is required to devote the study hours named to the preparation of recitation or kindred work. Lounging about the stores, on the street or in the rooms of other students during these hours, is a violation of this requirement.
  3. During evenings of Saturday, Sunday and Monday students may make and receive social visits, attend church, or entertainments in private homes, but such visits are not to extend later than 10:30 p.m., and boarding homes are not expected to furnish parlor privileges for later hours.
  4. Attendance upon theaters or other public places of amusement will be allowed only upon the following condition: First by permission of the President; or Second, in parties in charge of some member of the faculty.
  5. Young lady students whose parents do not reside in Denton, must obtain permission from the President in each separate time before receiving attention or visits from young men not students in the Normal.
  6. Buggy riding at night is forbidden to all students.
  7. An evening bell will be rung each day at such hour as the President may select, which bell shall mark the time ten minutes after which students are required to be at their lodging places for the night.
  8. Eleven o'clock p.m. is the hour for retiring, and no housekeeper is expected to furnish lights after 11:20 p.m.
  9. To be informed at all times as to the boarding places of students is the province of the President and Faculty. Students in securing places to board are usually expected to remain in such homes for the session. When, for good reasons, a change is deemed necessary, a written statement giving such reasons must be handed to the President and his consent obtained before the change is made.
  10. Before leaving the city for any cause whatever, permission must be obtained from the President. Students who wish to spend the nights away from their lodging places must obtain permission from the President and must notify their landladies.
  11. Where a telephone is in the house such instrument must be under the absolute control of the proprietor of the house, and no student must use it except by permission given at each time of using, and then long enough only for receiving or giving needed information. Frequent and protracted use of the family telephone by any student for idle conversation is an impropriety and hereafter boarding homes will be questioned as regards this practice by students in such homes.
  12. Students are required to be orderly at all times in their boarding homes, to avoid wrestling, scuffling, or other disorderly sports in their rooms and during study hours, also to refrain from singing or playing upon musical instruments whereby others are disturbed in adjacent rooms. In case articles of furniture are broken by students, through carelessness or otherwise, such broken articles must at once be replaced by such students. Should this not be done the proprietor of the home is requested to furnish the President with a written statement of the facts and the cost of the broken article.

W.H. BRUCE, President.
(Bruce was president of North Texas from 1906 to 1923)



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