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His Life's Motivation - Coach helps small town kids find success by Linda Stewart Ball
Spring 2007      


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Finding his niche

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His Life's Motivation




Finding his niche

After he graduated from North Texas, Aaron Bonds and his wife moved to Alexandria, Va., where he was the postal branch manager of the Army-Air Force Exchange Services, a retail store for military personnel and their dependents. He stayed there for two years before moving back to Texas, where he worked for the John Deere Co. in Dallas and the Houston Chronicle. The money was good, he says, but he wasn't personally fulfilled.

It wasn't until 1985, when Bonds began teaching history and coaching sports at a junior high in Alice, that he found his niche – teaching, counseling and coaching. He's coached football, basketball and track for various South Texas school districts and youth groups, including the Special Olympics.

"He does a great job with the kids," says Robert Wall, a semi-retired real estate investor in Corpus Christi who played pro football in San Diego for a year. Wall often refers college-minded athletes to Bonds' college exposure program.

"I've never met a kid who doesn't like Aaron Bonds," Wall says. "And the kid in me likes him, too. So does the adult, even if he did go to North Texas and not Hawaii [Wall's alma mater]."


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