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Denton's Private College by Nita Thurman
Spring 2007      


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"The Denton Polka"

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Denton's Private College

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"The Denton Polka"

Brave Combo, one of Denton's famous bands with UNT ties, was tapped to compose a song to celebrate the city's 150th anniversary this year. "The Denton Polka" debuted in January and reads, in part: Troubled times don't get us down in Denton town. Life is best in the home of happiness. … When it's dark, we'll find a light. We're Dentonites! Polka hard, with all your might, Dentonites! As a North Texas art student 28 years ago, Carl Finch ('75,'79 M.F.A.) founded the Grammy award-winning combo, which also includes former students Danny O'Brien and Alan Emert.


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