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Walden book coverWalden: 150th Anniversary Illustrated Edition of the American Classic by Henry David Thoreau, with photographs by Scot Miller ('77) of Carrollton (Houghton Mifflin).

Houghton Mifflin's predecessor, Ticknor & Fields, first published Walden; or, Life in the Woods, in 1854. Adding to the inspiration in this 150th anniversary edition are 89 full-color photographs from Miller that capture Walden as vividly as Thoreau's words do. The color photos are accompanied by historic black-and-white photographs and drawings.

The Harvard Museum of Natural History is organizing an exhibition that will feature approximately 40 of Miller's photographs from the book, plus interpretive materials. The exhibition will debut June 11 and will be on exhibit at the museum through Oct. 2. It will then go on a multi-year museum tour throughout the United States. Check the traveling exhibition schedule at

Several of Miller's photographs from the book also will be on exhibit from June 17 to Aug. 31 at the Center for the Visual Arts in Denton.

Miller owns Sun to Moon art gallery in Carrollton. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book will be donated to the Walden Woods Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving Walden Woods. The organization was founded by another former student of North Texas, musician Don Henley.


Trust and Treachery book coverTrust and Treachery: A Historical Novel of Roger Williams in America by Linda Kraeger, teacher at Gainesville High School, and Joe Barnhart, UNT professor of philosophy and religion studies (Smyth&Helwys Publishing Inc.). The authors take the reader inside the life and times of Roger Williams, minister, statesman, explorer of the colonial frontier and champion of religious liberty.

Brave Cloelia book coverBrave Cloelia: Retold From the Account in the History of Early Rome by the Roman Historian Titus Livius by Jane Louise Curry, illustrated by Jeff Crosby ('94) of New York, N.Y. (J. Paul Getty Museum). The book retells the story of the Roman girl Cloelia, who was taken prisoner by the king of the Etruscans, planned an escape and won the admiration of Rome and the king. This is the sixth book illustrated by Crosby.


People Get Ready book coverPeople Get Ready: A New History of Black Gospel Music by Robert Darden ('78 M.J.) of Waco (Continuum Books). The book shows the links between styles of black gospel music, social patterns and artists. It emphasizes the stories behind the songs and musicians, from the slaves of colonial America to current artists Donnie McClurkin, Yolanda Adams and Kirk Franklin. Darden is assistant professor of English at Baylor University and senior editor of The Door magazine.

The Maltreated Child book coverThe Maltreated Child: Finding What Lurks Beneath by Steven G. Gray ('83 Ph.D.) of Colorado Springs, Colo. (Living Water Press). The author explores troubled youth, giving parents underlying information on their youngsters and practical ways for dealing with them. Gray is a board certified pediatric neuropsychologist and director of Gray Neuropsychology Associates Inc. with clinics in Texas and Colorado. Childhood disorders he deals with include learning disabilities, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and childhood bipolar disorder.


The Elements of Police Hostage book coverThe Elements of Police Hostage and Crisis Negotiations: Critical Incidents and How to Respond to Them by James Greenstone ('66 M.S., '74 Ed.D.) of Fort Worth (Haworth Press). This handbook provides information on the negotiation process from the initial call to the final debriefing and includes new techniques for more experienced negotiators. Greenstone served for more than 10 years as the police psychologist and director of psychological services for the Fort Worth police department before retiring. He now teaches for the Department of Homeland Security.


Preventing Eating Disorders book coverPreventing Eating Disorders Among Pre-Teen Girls: A Step-by-Step Guide by Beverly Neu Menassa ('88) of Denton (Praeger Publishers). This 10-session guide suggests educational activities to help preadolescent girls avoid eating disorders — for example, writing to companies whose ads present women in a negative light. Factors that contribute to eating disorders, such as overexposure to media messages and a cultural fascination with thinness, are also examined. Menassa is a counselor at North Central Texas College.


Mussolini book coverMussolini: The Last 600 Days of Il Duce by Ray Moseley ('52) of London, England (Taylor Trade Publishing). The book covers the last 20 months of Mussolini's life and culminates with his capture and execution by military forces of the Italian resistance on April 28, 1945. Also included is information on exchanges between Franklin D. Roosevelt and Winston Churchill on policy toward Italy. Moseley, who had a long career as a foreign correspondent for the Chicago Tribune, will be speaking at the university April 9 and will be receiving UNT's Distinguished Alumnus Award.


The Saracen's Golden Armor by Edward V. Smith III ('60) of Dallas, writing under the pen name Hawthorne Vance (KiwE Publishing). The attempt of a private detective to return a piece of golden armor to its rightful home is hindered by a terrorist who wants the armor for himself. Smith, who received his bachelor's degree from North Texas in political science, is a lawyer.


Other Media

Brooklyn Soul Organization cd coverBrooklyn Soul Organization with Brad Leali ('99) of New York City on alto saxophone (M&N Records). The CD features four players on the New York City jazz scene — Leali, Jerome Jennings, Grant Langford and Radam Schwartz. M&N Records is owned by Nichelson Entertainment of Corinth. Frederick A. Nichelson ('86) is president of the company.


Friendly Amendments cd coverFriendly Amendments with Grant S. Peters ('91 M.M., '98 D.M.A.) of Springfield, Mo., on trumpet. The CD of new works for trumpet and organ by American composers includes "Liturgical Impressions" by Robert Frank ('88 M.M., '95 D.M.A.) of Dallas and also features trumpeter Rick Bogard ('94 D.M.A.) of Garland. Peters, who was a student of Leonard Candelaria's at North Texas, is an associate professor of music at Southwest Missouri State University, where he teaches applied trumpet. His wife, Eugenia Alcocer-Peters ('93), created the artwork on the CD's cover.



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