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The Weather Dude by Nancy Kolsti
Spring 2004      

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Late Night and The Daily Show

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The Weather Dude

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The Weather Dude



Late Night and The Daily Show

By providing forecasts 24 hours a day, The Weather Channel has become a valuable cable channel for many people. On-camera meteorologist Nick Walker ('77) acknowledges, however, that the channel can be a joke to others.

"Lots of people like to poke fun at it," he says.

That list includes Jon Stewart, host of Comedy Central's The Daily Show, and David Letterman. Walker made unexpected appearances on both men's shows when they played clips of him on air at The Weather Channel.

"David Letterman was on a tirade about The Weather Channel not saying that the polar ice cap was melting. He took the signal of the channel when I was on the air and working evenings, and I popped up live on his show," Walker says. "He also talked about how you never see the same people on The Weather Channel twice. When my name was on the screen, he said, 'Nick Walker – take a good look at him, because you'll never see him again.'"

The Daily Show, meanwhile, spoofed violence and sex on television by doing a segment on how The Weather Channel uses violence and sex to get ratings.

"They showed a clip of me on the air, but instead of having the map behind me, they imposed a photo of a scantily clad model behind me," Walker says.

He says he wasn't upset by his unexpected appearances on the shows.

"The Weather Channel has become more visible as a result of them," he says.

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