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Down the Corridor


    Down the Corridor  

75 years ago
Students at the auditorium enjoyed the silent movie College, starring Buster Keaton, and the first "all-talkie" film shown there, Lucky Boy, starring George Jessel. … North Texas reported the largest numbers in its history — 137 faculty members and 3,200 students. … The ex-students association began raising money for a memorial bell tower to be designed by architect O'Neil Ford in honor of those who had died in World War I. … The Historical Collection received its first donations from the War Department, including three machine guns used in the war — two German and one American-made.

50 years ago
The movie Creature From the Black Lagoon was shown at the Campus Theater in the new 3-D format. … A mock funeral was held for the Phi Delta Beta fraternity, which was to affiliate with Theta Chi. The funeral ended with a casket being burned in a vacant lot on Maple. … Kendall Hall housed its first ever male boarder named Mortimer, a foot-long garden snake found by a female student. He didn't live there long. … KDNT radio aired interviews of North Texas students concerning the Indo-China crisis. Marshal Bill Moyers measured the attitudes of students on campus, asking questions such as "What do you think of the possibility of U.S. intervention in Asia?" When students were asked who they thought they would be fighting, "Russia" was the almost unanimous answer. … North Texas student Pat Boone, 19, won the Arthur Godfrey's Talent Scouts show, broadcast live on television.

25 years ago
A petition by the Armadillo Coalition was circulated in response to Pennsylvania's nuclear crisis at Three-Mile Island and concerns about the nuclear plant in Glen Rose. … Singer Ray Wylie Hubbard performed free concerts on the library mall. … Miss Hendley's Dress Shop, which was located across the street from Marquis Hall, closed after 25 years in business. … An experiment with "gasohol" was conducted by the North Texas maintenance department on air-cooled single-cylinder and multi-cylinder engines. … A decision was announced to demolish the Psychology Building after Marquis and Terrill Halls were remodeled. … Mean Joe Greene came to campus to make a one-minute promotional video for ABC.

10 years ago
Alpha Phi Alpha held a candlelight vigil for AIDS awareness on campus. … A football autographed by Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman was among the items donated for KNTU-FM's annual fund-raising auction. … Deliverance author James Dickey lectured on campus and autographed his books. … "Sexual orientation" was added to UNT's nondiscrimination policy. … Alumnus Charles "Buddy" Hickerson, creator of "The Quigmans" cartoon, was a guest lecturer on campus. … The speed limit on I-35 was changed from 65 to 55 mph, provoking complaints from commuters. … UNT observed the 50th anniversary of the G.I. Bill of Rights. … The motion picture Lethal Betrayal, directed by faculty member Fred Watkins, was shot in areas throughout Denton. It stars Joe Estevez, the son of actor Martin Sheen and brother of actors Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez. Fifteen UNT film students assisted in the filming.





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