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What's Been Happening


Candlelight vigil  

Members of the UNT community paused for a moment of silence Jan. 22 at the Shrader Pavilion. The candlelight vigil and solidarity march honored the life of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr.

photo by Ida Castillo


  Juan Gomez-Quiñones (center)

Juan Gomez-Quiñones (center), professor of history at the University of California-Los Angeles, delivered the Second Commemorative Lecture in Mexican American History Feb. 3 on campus. The lecture, "Freedom, Choice, Responsibility: The Historiographical Literature on Mexican Americans," was sponsored by the UNT history department and the division of equity and diversity.

photo by Amy Hubbard


Columbia Shuttle Memorial  

A service was held at the Shrader Pavilion Feb. 5 to memorialize the astronauts who died when the space shuttle Columbia broke apart over Texas Feb. 1. Ken Ballom, dean of students, addressed the crowd.

photo by Amy Hubbard


Tuba serenade to Diane Kohlhase  

Members of the North Texas International Tuba-Euphonium Association serenade Diane Kohlhase, programmer analyst in UNT's Computing Center, on Valentine's Day. Quartets from the association raised money for scholarships and composition competitions by delivering serenades around Denton. This tuba Valentine was from Kohlhase's husband, Charles Guarnaccia, associate professor of psychology.

photo by Amy Hubbard


Mitty Plummer (third from left)  

During Engineering Week activities on campus, Mitty Plummer (third from left), associate professor of engineering technology, helps students learn about thermal science by running a miniature power plant. Demonstrations, tours and engineering contests took place Feb. 19 and 20.

photo by Amy Hubbard



The university closed for two and a half days due to an ice storm that passed over the region Feb. 24-26. Students used the time off to create a snowperson in the intramural fields, complete with Mean Green hair and UNT literature.

photo by Ida Castillo





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