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Building a P.R.I.N.T. layer by layer by Kelley Reese
Spring 2002      

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Writer's note: The right texture

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Building a P.R.I.N.T.
Layer by Layer

The Drive to Succeed



Parts of the original sketch Jaune Quick-To See Smith made of her print before arriving at UNT were drawn on the ground at her home in New Mexico. The surface created a rough, textural feel on the outline of the horse that was difficult to imitate in the final press. Attempts to recreate the texture had Smith drawing the horse figure on the metal plates on top of materials like roofing shingles, fishbowl pebbles, chicken wire and a mound of loose rocks. In the end, the feeling was not imitated, but rather a new texture was created by using a buildup of toner on the plates.



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