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The drive to succeed by Rufus Coleman
Spring 2002      

Writer's note: Tiger tale

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The Drive to Succeed

    Success and Tiger Woods

Joel Edwards can remember every second of his first victory during the Air Canada Championship. The hours of practice putting, hitting shots and working on his game all came down to a single moment, and his success over the course of the tournament seemed more mentally taxing than the agony of any loss.

At times, another day of the tournament and the forthcoming tension seemed too much.

"The last day was the toughest," he says. "I spent so much time asking myself, 'Can I do this?' This was the day I'd always dreamed of."

And when victory came, it was just as much a surprise for him as anyone.

"After I won, I sat back and thought, 'Wow! I did this,'" he says.

In his next tournament, Edwards competed against Tiger Woods.

"There he was, surrounded by 20 bodyguards and 20 photographers — it was incredibly distracting to the game," Edwards says. "I said to him, 'Man, I don't know how you do it.'"

As Edwards could attest from the previous tournament, it's pressure enough just to try and win without the sort of attention Woods attracts each day.

Edwards says he jokingly told Woods he'd won the week before.

Woods congratulated him, but Edwards admitted it just felt good to be able to say, "I won a tournament."



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