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Burning issues by Cathy Cashio
Spring 2002      

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Thomas Alcoze

Earl Zimmerman

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Burning Issues

Straight Talk

Building a P.R.I.N.T.
Layer by Layer

The Drive to Succeed

photo of Earl Zimmerman and Thom Alcoze   Earl Zimmerman, chair of UNT's biological sciences department (left), and Thom Alcoze ('69, '72 M.S.), an associate professor of forestry at Northern Arizona University and one of Zimmerman's former students, use native land-management techniques and satellite landscape imagery to prevent the accidental spread of fire.

photo of Thom Alcoze   Alcoze, who is part Cherokee, performs research that involves the use of traditional Native American ecological knowledge for land-restoration practices.

photo of Alcoze and Danny Bulletts   Alcoze (left) and Danny Bulletts, director of wildlife, fisheries and parks for the Kaibab Paiute tribe, work together on the Kaibab Paiute reservation.

photo of burnt tree  

photo of burnt trees

Trees just outside the reservation show the effects of a wilderness fire.


photo of Thom Alcoze



Alcoze and Zimmerman are conducting an experiment to determine which plant species survive best after a fire.

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