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    Down the Corridor  

75 years ago
The Eagles won the Texas Intercollegiate Athletic Association basketball championship by defeating the Canyon Buffaloes 37-32. They ended the season 12-2. ... The Eagles won their April track meet with the Trinity Tigers by a score of 41-71 in events such as dashes, miles, half-miles, relays and tennis. ... The boys of the college enjoyed the annual frolic and picnic sponsored by the YMCA. ... Bug Dust, a weekly column in the Campus Chat, announced the publication of a pamphlet of Bug Dust columns. It was said that the pamphlet was to serve a dual purpose: 1) to be lugged home as a memento and 2) to provide good shaving paper should an emergency arise.

50 years ago
Scrappy, the South American fish hawk serving as the live Eagle mascot, attended the All-College Dutch Week Dance as a way to increase membership in the Scrappy Club. Fees from the club were used to help feed and house Scrappy. ... The Alpha Phi Omega ugly man competition began, with part of the proceeds from the event used to support a young Italian war orphan. ... The largest Yucca published to date was distributed with 520 pages and for the first time with colors of pink, ochre, black and mauve on the cover and throughout the book. The inks were designed and manufactured specifically for the Yucca. ...The Eagles captured their third consecutive National Collegiate Athletic Association golf championship.

25 years ago
The North Texas basketball team ended with its best season ever — a 22-4 record — and narrowly missed a trip to the NCAA regional playoffs. ... Republican presidential candidate Ronald Reagan came to Denton to speak during a campaign tour. ... The Harlem Globetrotters visited the Super Pit. ... Three hundred students gathered outside the Union to protest the raising of post office box rent from $1.50 to $14. A petition was also signed by 252 students asking that mailboxes be placed in the dormitories.

10 years ago
The university began its recycling program with training sessions for faculty and staff. ... Denton sophomore Mike Beckeviel began a campaign supported by the Minority Caucus to have ethnic studies added to the core curriculum ... Students gave their best Elvis impressions in an attempt to win a 10 percent discount from the University Store. ... Paramount Pictures arrived on campus to begin filming the movie Necessary Roughness. ... Sarah Weddington, the attorney of "Jane Roe" in the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case on abortion, spoke at North Texas as a guest of the University Program Council.





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