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The Lore of the Rings

North Texas class rings separated from their owners seem to be popping up everywhere -- from bars, hospitals and golf courses to roadways and pill bottles. A few have found their way back to the families of their owners, others are still waiting to be reunited and at least one remains at large. Find out more about each ring on the map below.

Lost and Found

Check out the descriptions below of North Texas class rings reported lost or found. If you think you know the owner of a found ring or the whereabouts of a lost ring, or if you have a lost or found ring to report yourself, send us an e-mail at to let us know.

FOUND in Tularosa, N.M.
Found at least a decade ago in the men's room of a bar


  • 1979 M.B.A.
  • Initials K.J.R.
  • Man's ring

FOUND in Houston, Texas
Found at Memorial Northwest Hospital seven to eight years ago


  • 1976 B.S.
  • Initials J.R.E.
  • Stone bears the Greek letters Delta Sigma Theta
  • Woman's ring

FOUND on Lake Texoma golf course
Found before 1970


  • 1953
  • Initials look like C.W. and maybe C.?
  • Man's ring

FOUND in Steamboat Springs, Colo.
Found outside a ski resort in the early '70s


  • Either '56, '58, or '59 B.B.A.
  • Initial 'D' in diamonds on the setting
  • Initials D.W.D inside

LOST in Irving, Texas
Stolen in the 1999 Christmas Eve burglary of a home


  • 1982 B.A.
  • Psychology symbol on one side of ring / school seal on the other side
  • 10K "jumbo" size ring (huge)
  • Size either 11 or 11 1/2
  • Green faceted stone
  • Full name engraved in a signature style on inside of band of ring (Slaven Lawrence Manning)

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