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Change of Leadership
Fall 2002      

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Change of Leadership

High Fashion, High Art

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Major progress made during UNT System Chancellor Emeritus and UNT President Emeritus Alfred F. Hurley’s tenure includes:

  • A 44 percent increase in enrollment — from 18,782 in 1982 to 27,132 in 2000 (Fall 2002 unofficial enrollment is a record 30,256 students)

  • Endowment growth from $850,000 to more than $45 million

  • Transformation of the UNT campus with more than $175 million in renovation and construction

  • Increased nationwide recognition for many of UNT’s academic programs

  • Transformation of the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine into the UNT Health Science Center at Fort Worth

  • Establishment of the UNT Office of Postgraduate Fellowships to help students seeking scholarship, research and study opportunities

  • Raising of $43.7 million between 1987 and 1992 to exceed the $35 million goal of UNT’s first capital campaign

  • A change in the university’s name from North Texas State University to the University of North Texas in 1988

  • A change in UNT’s image to that of a metropolitan, research university working to become a top-tier institution

  • Establishment of the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science and admission of the first TAMS students in 1988

  • Opening in 2000 of the UNT System Center at Dallas — the first step in establishing the University of North Texas at Dallas

  • Recognition of the UNT System as a formal system in January 2001, making it one of six recognized higher education systems in Texas

  • Unanimous approval by both the Texas Senate and House of Representatives of legislation statutorily establishing the University of North Texas at Dallas, which will become the first public university in the Dallas city limits

  • Raising of $155 million for Campaign North Texas between 2001 and 2002, exceeding the $150 million capital campaign fund-raising goal two years ahead of schedule

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