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One student's opinion from June 12, 1969, issue of Campus Chat:

To Be Ear of Campus
T.R. Lee, Welcome To a Needed Job

Dean T.R. Lee, last week, as the new associate dean of students, you said that you were not going to treat college students like children and that you thought that students should have an active voice in school policy.

Even though you did speak about limitations, this is a far cry from what most students at North Texas are use to. This university hasn't given the students much say in these matters in past years. With a subservient USNT Senate and a distant administration, the majority of students had no way to voice their opinions.

With the coming of President John J. Kamerick there have been some policy changes made and students could talk with him, but he has other administrative duties to think about and cannot see all the students. Your job has been created to be an ear to the campus. It will be a full-time job, and a needed position, Dean Lee.

With an open door policy, you will hear many stories and comments. Some will be true and some false.

Some students will describe his or her disorientation, disassociation, discrimination and prejudice on or about our university. ...

North Texas is a good school with record-breaking enrollment every semester. For each new student there is a new set of problems. Maybe now with your position some of these can be solved. Maybe all.

Welcome to North Texas, Dean Lee. And good luck.


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