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75 years ago
The Eagles continued their tradition of beating the Decatur Baptist College football team with a score of 16-0. … Willis Floyd, a 1925 graduate of North Texas, was selected along with four other students for the 1927 Texas Rhodes Scholarship. … Students of the home economics department studying household management made their first tour of Denton homes. Two homes were selected for the study of their construction and home furnishings.

50 years ago
Franz Polgar returned to campus for his annual hypnosis presentation. The hypnotist had performed at the North Texas Auditorium for the past eight years. … The Eagles trampled East Texas 48-7 in the football home opener, scoring three touchdowns in the first five minutes of play. … Price Truitt and three graduate assistants were featured in the Campus Chat for their work on building complex molecules that had anti-tubular properties. Truitt had received several grants from Parke-Davis Co. for his research on drugs to combat tuberculosis. … Scrappy, the college mascot, made a unique debut, appearing on green and silver neckties sold by members of the Radio Club. The group was raising funds to build a college radio station at North Texas.

25 years ago
William Harrison, who wrote the screenplay for Rollerball, showed the film and discussed it at the Lyceum. Harrison was part of a visiting professor lecture series. … Larry Edwards, professor of chemistry, attempted to add excitement to his non-major chemistry classes by posing in his class as Merlin and performing medieval chemistry experiments. … Students found a retreat in the newly opened Avesta student lounge in the University Union. The lounge offered comfortable furniture and musical headsets. Joe Papai, a Fort Worth graduate student, described it as "the quietest place in town, quieter than even the library." … The Bruce Hall Dorm Association sponsored a home movie contest for filmmakers, and the Clark Hall Dorm Association began a recycling program as a way to build a private account for dances and parties in the dorm.

10 years ago
A student poll favored a return to black gowns for graduation. Green gowns were worn for the spring commencement ceremony in honor of the school centennial. … A ceremony was held to commemorate the new home of "The Student" in Chilton Hall. The sculpture, buried in the Chilton Hall parking lot for 20 years, was unearthed in 1989 during renovations for Chilton Hall. ... A Halloween screening of the silent film Phantom of the Opera, with musical accompaniment from the Auditorium organ, raised scholarship funds for students majoring in organ. … The Historical Building was renamed Curry Hall in honor of O.J. Curry, the first dean of the College of Business Administration.





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