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Cartoon Connection, Japan's Dragon Ball series gets American touch from UNT alums

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Writer's note: Mother Frieza

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Balance and timing

Evan Jones  

LIKE MANY OF THE PEOPLE OF FUNIMATION, Evan O'Connor Jones ('95) had a completely different career in mind before joining the company. He wanted to be a ballet dancer.

Jones now mixes the audio for the Dragon Ball series.

"I went to UNT to study music and ballet," he says. "But my current job seems to require just as much balance and timing."

Jones learned audio mixing to cheaply do it for his rock band, but when people realized what he could do, audio mixing became profitable.

"People would ask me to come and record high school choirs and UNT recitals," he says. "Business was so good, I quit my day job."

Jones even supervised the sound for bands playing at the Groovy Mule and Dan's Bar in Denton, which attracted the attention of people at FUNimation.

"I thought it'd be a great part-time job, but I definitely wasn't looking for a full-time job," says Jones, who's now been a full-time employee at FUNimation for a year and a half, mixing voices and sound effects — and occasionally creating his own sounds.

One of Jones' favorite memories is from Frieza's return in the Trunks series of Dragon Ball Z. Frieza, a major villain in the series, is defeated by Goku and believed dead. But he returns to earth as a cyborg, his most outstanding feature being a robotic tail.

"We just didn't seem to have the right sound for that tail," Jones says. "I remember searching through closets looking for a power drill and then going to Chris Sabat — he just said, 'Do anything you can to make it better.'"

Jones can remember pulling sounds from everywhere, including the P.A. system at Fouts Field, for a fighting tournament scene in the series.

"I don't always get the time to come up with things, but it's fun making things as real as possible," he says. "I feel like I've really got to do a good job creating the environment for Goku's epic battles with the bad guys."

It's a responsibility Jones says he never would have imagined being so thrilled about.



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