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Summer films

SIX DOCUMENTARIES WERE COMPLETED AS ASSIGNMENTS for this year's Summer Documentary Workshop in the Department of Radio, Television and Film. The films were presented at a UNT film festival in July.

"The students are encouraged to attempt challenging subjects and to explore a range of styles and approaches," says Ben Levin, professor of radio, television and film and workshop instructor. "They go from idea to completed documentary in five weeks. They spend 12 to 16 hours a week in class and much additional time planning, shooting and editing their projects outside of class."

The films were:

  • Homeless by Greg Gault - A view of life on the streets of Dallas told from several perspectives.
  • 96 Hours by Matt Carpenter ('01), Casey Juderjahn and Del Pullen - An observation of an animal control center, where inhabitants usually have just four days to live if they are not adopted.
  • Our Business is Picking Up by Patrick Fort and David Willerton - The activities involved in the running of a family towing business.
  • Political Confusion by Skyler McGlothlin ('01) and Jeremy Reeves ('01) - An exploration of the career of one of Texas' youngest mayors, who is also among the youngest members of the U.S. Electoral College.
  • Prison Life by Mary Mankowski ('01) and Pyung Lee ('01) - A discussion of the detriments of prison life from three former inmates.
  • Toying With Comedy by Matt Carter and Jonah Phelps - The lives and ambitions of comedians and what it takes to make it in the business.


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